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SEO Best Practices: Out-of-Stock Product Pages

When your site runs out of stock, it’s vital to maintain best practices so that your SEO isn’t negatively impacted. Is your out-of-stock product seasonal, removed permanently, or temporarily unavailable? All of these factors present unique opportunities as well as best practice protocol, which are listed and explained in this helpful guide.

How Digital Marketing Agencies Cost Less Than In-House Teams

Some digital marketing managers, directors, VPs, CMOs, and CEOs believe having an in-house digital marketing team is ideal. Other execs embrace the opposite point of view, perhaps because they have struggled with unexpected departures of in-house employees or they have made hiring mistakes. After all, one must assume that agencies remain in business for a… Read more »

Rock Your Next Holiday Season with Conversion Rate Optimization

Congratulations, online retailers! You’ve survived another holiday season. Every year we learn more about our customers—when, where, and how they prefer to shop. It’s important to gather this information and identify trends or key takeaways that you can utilize each holiday season. We’ve prepared this paper to guide you through the planning and testing you… Read more »

Industry Report: Search & Shopping Trends (2016/2015)

Our Insight & Analytics team takes a look at the numbers and analyzes the sweeping changes that took place in 2016. Using aggregated client data, this Search & Shopping Trends industry report shines a light ahead for clearer thinking and brighter decision-making in 2017.

Inside Programmatic: Agency vs. In-house Management

Automation has become the industry-wide buzzword for search engine marketing, display advertising, retargeting, and nearly every other form of digital marketing and advertising, introducing a new level of precision and efficiency to the process.

Industry Report: Search & Shopping Trends (2015/2014)

This report was compiled to help our clients and fellow digital marketers gain insight into the 2015-16 digital landscape, particularly in Paid Search and Shopping. We have also included a snapshot of Q1 2016 for a preview of what’s going on this year in digital marketing.

Google Testing Expanded Text Headlines for Ads

Google has begun beta testing a revised format for all text ads, featuring longer headlines with no loss of description copy. They’re calling the new type of text ads “Expanded Text Ads,” and are incrementally bringing all advertisers into the test.