KEYNOTE: How To Think Like An Innovator: Non-Obvious Trends To Help You Connect with The Digital Consumer Of The Future

September 17, 2018


Rohit Bhargava | Founder & Chief Trend Curator, The Non-Obvious Company

2018 Elite Digital Summit | Innovation

What will consumers ask for next? You already know that we live in a time of hype and disruption where it seems data can solve all problems and the way we reach and engage our consumers reinvents itself every year. Yet even as we shift our focus to experiential marketing and deeply personalized experiences, consumers find new tools or learn behaviors designed to help them evade marketing, no matter who it comes from. What will it take to design a digital marketing strategy that can engage this customer of the future?

Drawing from nearly a decade of research across dozens of industries, this keynote will reveal some of the biggest trends that are changing how consumers behave and what they believe. Through cutting-edge examples from around the world and award-winning insights from the WSJ bestselling book Non-Obvious, you will learn what it really takes to engage consumers today. As a special bonus, participants in this will get an exclusive private look at several not-yet-published new consumer trends from the upcoming 2019 edition of Non-Obvious. Download slides.

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