Data is the Foundation of All of Our Decisions

Performance Display is a powerful way to win conversions and score big returns on investment. Working with proper data enables high-impact messaging and precise real-time bidding to hit the right audience at the right time. Optimize your spend by identifying the advertising that is most effective!

Elite SEM provides in-house media planning and buying, constant real-time optimizations and account management, cross media channel integration, and robust analytics.

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Core Services

  • Media
    We emphasize integrated, big-picture planning to reach consumers at-scale across channels and devices—precisely tuned to your unique position and goals.
  • Media Planning
    & Buying
    Cook up the perfect Digital Ad Mix through a media arsenal of top platforms, technology providers, and targeting tactics. We’re not tied to any specific tools, but we know what works.
  • Campaign
    We’ll continuously refine your campaign with a test-and-learn approach to analyze data and make proper adjustments. Plus we’ll spot opportunities for growth in the market.
  • Offline to Online
    Shift Management
    Keep your audience captured as they shift from TV and radio to online video and music streaming. We’ll shape your digital campaigns to complement your traditional media efforts.
  • Custom Targeting
    Build custom segments with first-party data and serve up the most effective, most relevant messaging to a precisely targeted audience. Timely and efficient.
  • Advanced Analytics
    We will integrate DoubleClick Campaign Manager with Google Analytics for custom advanced analytics. Together we’ll review your cross-channel stats and ensure maximum ROI.
  • DMP
    Evaluate, select, and launch the Data Management Platform (DMP) that fits best. Leverage all that data at your fingertips to execute effective, customized targeting.
  • Reporting
    & Insights
    All of our findings are reported to you on a regular basis—data backed with expert insights. We’re completely transparent and you’ll always know what we’re thinking and how we got there.

Tools & Technology

Google Display Network | DoubleVerify | Amobee | AdRoll | Tremor Video | Oath | Sizmek | The Trade Desk | Conversant | Undertone


Performance Display Channels

Programmatic/Real-Time Bidding Display

Research and test data determine the best Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) for your media. We prospect and re-target consumers with real-time dynamic rates to reach them at scale. Efficiently.

Site Direct and Network Display

We handle all network, portal, and site direct buying for a well-balanced plan with quality inventory. And we target by content, category, demographics, look-a-likes, re-targeting, and behaviors.

Mobile, Tablet, and Connected TV

Reach consumers on the go at multiple touch points and cross-screens for greater impact. We offer mobile strategy, planning, buying (directly and programmatic), targeting, reporting and analytics.


Transform traditional video spots to have impact in the digital world of TV advertising. We make sure your video is brand-safe, interactive, and directly in front of the right consumer at the right time.

Learn More About Elite’s Performance Display Marketing Services

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