Optimize Your E-Commerce Site to Broaden Organic Search Presence

SEO for e-commerce websites demands cross-channel strategy, methodical execution, and above all, experience. Why? The size and scale of enterprise level e-commerce websites means even a small change can have sweeping ramifications for its functionality and search engine visibility. A tiny change to a single text file could wipe out millions in revenue in an afternoon. E-commerce platform quirks could render site content unreadable by search engines with a wrong button click. Who on your team, right now, has the experience to find the problem fast, even plan so that it never happens?

Why E-Commerce SEO is Hard

Most e-commerce platforms arrive with out-of-the-box “SEO features” that help site owners make sure the stores launch with a degree of search engine visibility. The trouble is, these features are often stuck in the time that the platform launched. They don’t receive updates and patches at the speed of Google algorithm updates—500 to 600 times per year! You need an agency partner that knows your platform’s capabilities and how to amplify them for success. We have in-depth experience working with:

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Duration of the average SEO engagement with Elite SEM is 27 months.

  • Demandware (Salesforce Commerce Cloud)
  • Hybris
  • Shopify
  • Magento & Magento Enterprise
  • AEM (Adobe)
  • Sitecore
  • Proprietary Enterprise Platforms
  • Shopatron
  • IBM Websphere
  • Oracle Commerce (ATG)

E-Commerce is About People

Spoiler alert: Search engines don’t buy your products. Ranking #1 for every “money” keyword won’t guarantee your site revenue or even a single click in today’s crowded search results.

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39% of Elite’s SEO clients are e-commerce sites.

The bots are never more than an extension of searcher behavior—e.g. people, humans. How real people encounter your website is what matters and what’s going to determine online success or failure for your business.

In SEO, we work to broaden your site’s organic search presence to put your brand in front of as many qualified searchers as possible. In tandem, we perform an iterative deep dive into your e-commerce platform to make sure the experience delivered to the traffic we drive is fast, compelling, and satisfies their intent.

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86% of issues raised by Elite’s SEO audits are labeled as Critical or Major, requiring immediate action to correct.

Holistic Strategy for SEO

Just because we are channel experts doesn’t mean we live in a silo—quite the opposite. We integrate with your existing online marketing campaigns, as well as traditional PR, working to get maximum reach as web development implements tactical elements of our larger campaign strategy. We take a holistic view of site health and your brand—from content quality to mobile page speed and user experience.

Optimizing for E-Commerce

Our success with e-commerce starts with your needs. Whether your site needs assistance with optimizing products, moving to a new e-commerce platform, or handling thousands of dynamic URL parameters, our team of experts focuses on both technical and on-page elements to achieve your goals.

Our expertise allows us to prioritize your goals, while growing your online business. We’ve worked on both B2B and B2C e-commerce sites that feature products that range from hundreds to millions. Growing your online presence ultimately means growing your revenue. As an extension of your team, our focus is on your bottom line.

Our experience on e-commerce websites includes:

  • Site Redesigns
  • Platform Migrations
  • HTTPS Certificates
  • Optimizing URL Parameters
  • Dynamic Filters
  • Indexation Bloating
  • Product Best Practices (Top Products, Duplicates, Seasonal, Out-Of-Stock)
  • Canonical Strategy for Similar Products
  • Knowledge Graph Creation
  • Competing with Amazon
  • Expanding Non-Branded Presence
  • Optimizing Images
  • Maximizing SERP Visibility with Rich Snippet Usage (Product, Rating, Review)

Learn More About Elite’s SEO Services

To learn more about how Elite SEM’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services can take your e-commerce site to the next level, contact us at sayhello@elitesem.com

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