Get Up And Live is an Elite SEM program developed in 2010 to help give back to our communities. Previously known as Elite Cares, our program was renamed in 2015 in honor of a beloved employee and friend of Elite, Zachary Ciperski who lived his life to the fullest and encouraged everyone to be happy, to get out there and live (he was also a huge Bob Marley fan).

As part of this program, Elite offers free SEM services and support to Non-Profits through Google Grants. We also provide free SEO training and consulting for charities and select Non-Profits. In addition to utilizing the Google Grants program for non-profits, we are also known for our hands-on community service.

We have monthly volunteer meetings to help plan and organize annual holiday food drives, breast cancer walks, women’s shelters, Kidney Foundation fundraising & walks, etc. Each of these activities stem from someone on our volunteer board or another Elite employee who has a personal connection with the organization.

In March of 2014, we launched our annual Elite Week of Kindness, which encourages employees throughout all of our offices to carry out random acts of kindness every day for a week. From buying someone’s coffee or lunch to helping someone complete a project they’re working on, these actions are meant to inspire everyone to be great, kind people who contribute to their community.

We also have several Elite team members who serve as adjunct professors at NYU for the digital marketing continuing education department, in addition to many other prestigious institutions. We strive to share our knowledge of Digital Marketing with both clients and the marketing community.

Our community will always be important to Elite SEM as we continually give back to the areas where we work.

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